The standings top three react to Formula E: Accelerate Round 5

It’s a huge weight lifted off my chest finishing first. I was so stressed as my pace wasn’t there in practice and in qualifying. Luckily, I managed second on the grid in the end and I wasn’t expecting Rasmussen to lift off so early. I took the position and from then on, there was a bit of a moment when I took the first ATTACK MODE when I briefly lost position to him but I took it quickly back. Then, I needed to save energy because I used quite a lot at the beginning. I don’t want to think about winning I just want to do my best at the next race and see what happens.

It was a really tough race. I struggled in the past rounds in qualifying at Diriyah, that was completely terrible. I clipped the wall and that was it and I was sad about that for a few days. So, I was super focussed here and the results I managed to get were really good. I want to go to the next level for the next round and be in the top five mix. I was saving energy for the first laps, so I had some spare because I could slipstream Frederik (Rasmussen). I saw he lifted a bit more than I did and there may be a chance. If you can climb higher than even third then it’s great and I was able to make a move work.

I don’t get what’s going on. I feel like the others are faster than me and use less energy. I had good pace but I was clearly missing something with the energy and I couldn’t do anything about them.

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