20 Mar 20

Take control of your own Formula E team in Motorsport Manager Online

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship makes an exclusive appearance in the new Motorsport Manager Online mobile game, allowing fans the chance to be a top team principal in the world of all-electric street racing.

Available now on iOS and Android, Motorsport Manager Online from Playsport Games puts you in charge of your own Formula E team as you to take control and call the shots on race strategy and mastermind your team's victory.

With all the official teams and drivers from the current Formula E season available to unlock, the free-to-play app will let you face of all of the challenges of being a Formula E team manager, letting you experience the difficult decisions the likes of Mahindra Racing's Dilbagh Gill and Susie Wolff of ROKiT Venturi Racing have to make a regular basis.

In the career mode, you will be challenged to create the perfect team and race package for your virtual drivers. With your line-up, you can take the challenge to competitors all over the globe as you set the race strategy: choosing when to take the push hard and overtake your rivals or when to hold back and conserve energy, as every decision will decide the outcome.

To give you a true test of an E-Prix, Motorsport Manager Online also has a dedicated Formula E mode, here you'll experience the unique challenges of the all-electric street racing series with the addition of when to activate ATTACK MODE and deploy FANBOOST, putting your strategic skills to the test.

Just as seen in real Formula E races, players won’t need to make a pitstop to change tyres in wet conditions, as the special mode also incorporates the all-weather 18-inch Michelin Pilot Sport tyre. Fans will also have to contend with the tight and challenging city-centre street courses, with tracks in Paris and Rome accessible in the Formula E race mode - more circuits will be made available in future Motorsport Manager Online app updates.

Motorsport Manager Online is available to play on iOS and Android now, download today and start your journey managing a Formula E team.

Motorsport Manager Online is available to play now on iOS and Android