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Mapping the global air quality for you and our Formula E family

Air pollution is a challenge for the entire planet. The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship brings closely-contested racing to the city streets of the world in our Race for Clean Air which aims to help combat air pollution and climate change through the promotion and adoption of more sustainable mobility. Mapping out pollution across the globe is one positive step we can make towards making air quality more transparent for everyone.

To show how much our air quality is affected, we worked with Plume Labs to bring you an interactive map that allows you to understand the quality of air around you, and that of our teams, drivers and partners in real time. 

Understanding the results

By using the Plume Air Quality Index (AQI) the interactive map gives you an instant overview of the air quality that you're breathing, just like how temperature might give you an indication of the weather.

As you zoom into the major cities around the world or visit the Formula E pins on the map, indicator lines will appear to demonstrate the quality of air around those areas when there is enough data available to create a live, street-by-street map. Green lines show a low pollution area with a reading of around 0-20 AQI, which is safe to breathe when outdoors. The next level is the yellow lines that score an AQI range of 21-50, indicating that whilst the air quality is acceptable there is still moderate pollution.

Where you start to see worrying signs is with the red lines showing high pollution levels (51-100 AQI) and purple lines demonstrating very high pollution (101+ AQI). These conditions can have a negative impact on everyone, with the poor air quality opening up the chance to serious health risks. Learn more about how these maps are created.

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The race for clear air

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship actively promotes electric mobility and renewable energy solutions to contribute to reducing air pollution and fighting against climate change around the world.

Where we are now

Air pollution is the single largest environmental risk to health today and with sustainability deeply rooted in its DNA, Formula E aims to transfer technologies from racetrack to road and inspire innovations to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. 

Alongside our growing list of partners, leading road car manufacturers and automotive brands, we’re collectively pushing clean mobility and alternative energy solutions to the production line and accelerating the mass adoption of electric vehicles around the world.

We’re continuing to work with cities to improve charging infrastructure, as well as raising awareness of the benefits to driving electric and exciting future generations about embracing clean energy. 

Currently there are four barriers to the global uptake of electric vehicles and we’re trying to break down each one with Formula E:

  1. Perception - proving electric cars are high-performing and efficient.
  2. Technology - removing range anxiety and showcasing lifespan and longevity.
  3. Infrastructure - increasing the number and speed of charging stations.
  4. Cost - making cars cheaper in comparison to other options on the market.

Where we want to be

Transportation currently accounts for a quarter of all CO2 emissions (according to the World Health Organisation) and internal combustion engines are one of the main sources of air pollution in major cities. This is where electric-powered cars can play an integral part in instigating change and contributing to lowering emissions.

We believe there are five factors that make up the future of transportation:

Electric - every car, truck, boat, train and plane is electric
Clean - cells charged using renewable energy sources
Connected - safer roads with data sharing between cars
Shared - car sharing fleets and colleagues travelling together
Autonomous - self-driving cars promoting productivity

Using the spectacle of sport, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is sending a powerful and meaningful message to help alter perceptions and speed-up the switch to electric - in a bid to counteract the climate crisis as well as addressing the devastating effects of air pollution. Working in close collaboration with host cities to leave a lasting legacy wherever we race, Formula E is racing for a cleaner future, faster.

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