2020 Rome E-Prix

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2020 Rome E-Prix

04 Apr 2020

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The 2020 Rome E-Prix returns to the streets of the EUR district for the third time in the series' history. Located in the southern part of the city, the area was designed and constructed as the headquarters for the ill-fated 1942 World's Fair. It is characterised by large square buildings, made with mostly white marble and travertine. Its symbol is the Palace of Italian Civilisation also known as the Square Colosseum.

Getting to the circuit

Please note there is no car or scooter parking available at the venue. The best way to reach the Rome E–Prix is via public transport. The metro stations EUR Magliana, EUR Palasport or EUR Fermi are all within walking distance to the venue. 

Bus services are also available, details will be communicated on the website of the RSM agency (Roma Servizi per la mobilità). There are several electric car and scooter sharing services available in Rome. If you wish to cycle to the venue, bicycle racks are provided.

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Things to do in Rome

Take a trip through history and discover all the iconic sights and flavours of Rome.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Prato ticket and grandstand tickets? Can I get inside La Nuvola and the E-Village if I have a Prato Ticket? 
The Prato ticket gives you the opportunity to have a dedicated Prato area, equipped with refreshment posts and maxi screens, from which you can watch the race, with partial visibility of the circuit. 

You will also be able to participate in the entertainment activities of the Allianz E-Village and enter the La Nuvola area up to its maximum capacity.

Can I access the Event without a ticket? 
No, only ticket holders will be able to access to the venue.

Can I enter the E-Village without a Rome E- Prix ticket?
No, only ticket holders will be able to access to the E Village.

Can I buy a Rome on the day of the event at the venue?
No, it is not possible to buy tickets directly at the event. If you do not have ticket, you will not be able to access the event area.

Is the venue accessible for people with limited mobility? Are there any dedicated tickets for people with disabilities? 
Yes, the event area is accessible to people with reduced mobility. The tickets give access to dedicated areas of the event. The way of purchase and the procedure of purchase will be communicated when the tickets go on sale.

Are there any restrictions on the time of access to the event? 
There are no time limits for entry. The opening hours of the gates will be communicated when the tickets go on sale.

Where can I watch the race if I don't have a ticket?
You can see all the channels that broadcast the Rome E-Prix by checking the Ways to watch closer to the race.

Is it possible to buy food and drinks within the event area?
There are refreshment points where you can buy food and drinks, with a variety of different delicacies available.

What items can I bring to the venue?
See the full list of prohibited items.